Ceedee's Group

Business Practices

Our business practice is anchored on our Dot Philosophy.
  • We are up to the point and are firm in our commitments.
  • Our activities are inclusive and do not favour partiality.
  • Our deliveries are holistic.
  • Our manufacturing facilities, processes, products and services do not harm the environment.
  • We will be pioneers with our innovative products and services, setting the trend for the world to follow.
  • We connect every stakeholder’s aspirations and capabilities, creating a path of delivery of value to our customers, downstream.
  • We sustain our presence in the market, changing ourselves to the changing needs of the society at large, through constant customer relationship.
  • We will remain unparalleled in all directions of our activities, with our pursuit of excellence in each of them.
  • We depict ourselves as a black hole, absorbing all our customers’ needs and expectations, all the nuances of manufacturing & servicing and delivering beyond par.
  • Our organization will be as flat as possible, with a ear to the ground to listen to our internal and external customers.
  • Our solutions through our products and services will be all encompassing, for an ‘O’verall satisfaction.